Construction project of the TAD Academy

The more a society is well trained and educated, the more productive and faster it tends to develop.

The appropriation of technical skills to earn one's own livelihood! - This is the wish of many young people in Cameroon.

Since 2013, the non-profit association TAD has been working to make this wish come true. We would like to offer these young people the opportunity to learn practical and technical skills, which provide them with easier access to the labor market. These are the knowledge and competences with which they can have their daily bread. We are firmly convinced that people can thereby sustainably improve their living standards.

Project goal

We are planning to build a professional training center in Batoucheu, Cameroon, where young people and adults can acquire practical skills in the fields of technology, energy, computer and IT, health and agriculture.

The available land is approximately 2800 sqm. The catchment area comprises approximately 18,000 inhabitants. With the cellar and ground floor, the professional training center will have 6 floors. Each floor will have 5 classrooms, practice rooms and toilets. In total, the school will be equipped with a library, canteen, a multimedial space and a piece of land for agricultural instruction.

Current status

In order to achieve this goal, first of all the construction needs to be done. Only then can the children attend school and get trained. Our architect has already carried out a thorough basic analysis and execution planning. Next we want to begin construction.


Approximately 600 youngsters and adults will visit the professional training center, which will offer various training specializations to strengthen economic growth in the region.

If not us, who then? Help us achieve this goal.

We welcome any kind of support, be it knowledge transfer, practical assistance, monetary or material support.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for your support!



This working group is responsible for the development and implementation of projects in the field of technology. Our fields of activity are above all: energy, computer science, electrical engineering, agrar technology, medical technology.

Aquaponic systems

We want to show that plants of fish can benefit, because with fish drowning plants grow faster. An aquaponic system is a plant that links fish farming and crop production. The fish feed the plant with nutrients and live in a water that has been cleansed by the plants. This system provides healthy fish to eat and plants grow twice as fast.


Because of lack of health care, Africa is now the continent with the highest mortality rate. This working group provides solutions to problems related to health, hygiene and safety in hospitals.

Agriculture and horticulture

We have to learn to use our own natural resources, such as our "soil". Our goal is to train youngsters in various agricultural areas and to communicate land building methods. Young people will learn to produce, store and conserve agricultural and animal products.

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