Thank you for supporting our work with your donation. We pay careful attention to the fact that your donations are used conscientiously, effectively and sparingly by us. Here you will find our donation form.

Creditor identification number in the SEPA direct debiting system: DE93ZZZ00001896100

Donations via Betterplace:

You can use betterplace.org for more purposeful donations. Here, we are currently introducing individual donation calls to our projects. betterplace.org also automatically issues donation receipts after each calendar year so that you have all the necessary data for the tax declaration.

Each donation comes 100% and is used without deductions for the achievement of our goals. A donation receipt will be issued for each donation.

Donation receipt

TAD e.V. is a non-profit organization; your donations and contributions can therefore be tax deducted. Please clearly state your name and the address so that we can send you a donation receipt. If you do not need a certificate, please also indicate this on the transfer form.

As a rule, we will automatically send you a donation certificate for each donation within two months.

In the case standing orders or several donations per year, we will send you a summary confirmation in January of the following year, on which all donations are listed.

Many Thanks!

Non-profit status

The non-profit status of TAD e.V. is approved by the tax authority Darmstadt with the decision of 09.10.2014. Our tax number is: 007 250 91908

TAD e.V. is exempt from corporation tax because of the promotion of charitable purposes. We are, therefore, authorized to issue confirmations of applications for the promotion of charitable and charitable purposes.

Upon receipt of the donation sum, you will receive a donation certificate from us, since the donation is tax deductible. Please note your exact address and email address on the transfer. This simplifies the process and we can automatically send you your donation receipt.

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