Fundraising activities


For a special occasion you wish to collect donations from your guests for the TAD instead of receiving gifts?

You would like to call for a personal action to motivate others to donate?

Or do you plan a corporate donation during the company anniversary or Christmas?

Together, you can gather in your family, friends, networks, clubs, clubs or colleagues to support our work.

If you want to collect the TAD club, you can donate via our online donation form. Please send your guests a link to the form. Your guests will receive a donation receipt.

Alternatively, you can bundle the donations of your guests and transfer the total amount to the TAD Association. You will receive a donation receipt from us about the total amount. In addition to the possibility to donate online, we will be pleased to provide you with transfer form.

Please contact us for further questions.

The association can be reached by phone: +49 176 5531 2135 oder info@tad-ev.org.


Why your donation is worth it

With a donation you will also be active. You help us to realize the projects for the children and young people in Cameroon, and thus do your part in their progress and successes in our projects.

TAD e.V. consists exclusively of voluntary assistants. As a result, your donations flow completely into our projects and thus enable a maximum result.

Many Thanks!

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