Sustainable access to safe drinking water for the professional training center in Batoueu

Project goal:

Clean water is vital. We plan to build a deep-water fountain and a solar pump, which promotes drinking water from groundwater to the professional training center and provides drinking water to schoolchildren, the vegetable fields and the inhabitants of the village of Batoucheu. A collecting tank (tank) will also be installed to store the water and will be accessible at all times. The water is needed to prepare food in the canteen kitchen, for drinking and for hygiene. Thus diseases can also be avoided.


We received the building permit for the construction of the deep-water fountain from the municipality


This allows us to significantly improve the situation for the children and contribute to a healthy diet. In addition, the safety of water supplies will be ensured in the long term - a sufficient quantity of raw water available in good quality.

Help us to provide these people with water and improve the quality of life of the village population!

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