Our goals

TAD is a non-profit organization. Our goal is, jointly with the people in need in Africa, to find solutions to their various problems. We want to change their country permanently positively with our ideas and our experience.

The purpose of the association is the promotion of development cooperation.

Our current social project aims to build a professional training center in West Cameroon in fields such as technology, energy, computer and IT systems, health and agriculture. We welcome any kind of support, be it knowledge transfer, practical assistance, monetary or material support.


Goals of the association are,

- Establishment and operation of educational facilities

- Building and promoting social projects

- Electricity generation in rural areas with the help of renewable energies

- Building and promoting a more ecological and sustainable agriculture economy

- Building and promoting a more ecological regional waste management (recycling, waste disposal, waste disposal).

- Creating and promoting economic and technological circles with the aim of investing in Africa and promoting projects.



The association pursues these purposes exclusively and directly in a charitable manner within the meaning of Section 3 of the Tax Regulations ("Tax Beneficiaries", ยงยง 51 ff.AO). The association is selfless, does not pursue primarily economic purposes.

The association is open to cooperation with persons and organizations of all nationalities as well as international organizations as long as they support the goals of the association.

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